What kind of businesses need a social media manager?

Discovering the Social Media Manager Space

Starting off this discussion, I bet a few years ago, no one would imagine that we'd be sitting here talking about social media managers. Georges, my golden retriever, sure had no idea this was coming when he was a tiny pup. In fact, if Fredrick, my turtle, had heard about this back in the day, he probably would have tucked his head in his shell just from the sheer disbelief. But here we are. Nowadays, every business in every corner of the globe seems to have some form of online presence, especially on social media platforms. And with the growth of these platforms comes a new kind of professional, the social media manager.

Why Social Media Managers are So Crucial

Now, let’s get into the crux of these. Social media managers are more than just ideas people. They are the harmonious link between a company and its clients. Why do companies need them, you ask? Well, for a start, they help businesses make sense of what seems like a jumble of hashtags, likes, and comments. They understand the digital language and behaviour of the consumers, and they're able to translate this into meaningful content and strategies for the business. They're literally digital wizards - minus the wand, of course! Throw them into the roller-coaster world of tweets and likes, and they'll turn your business into an online sensation. Not quite like David Copperfield, but close enough!

To Each Their Own Social Media Wizard

You might be thinking, 'Oh, Alistair, my business is a small fish. We don't need a social media manager. It's for the big guys, the heavy lifters.' But you couldn't be more wrong. No matter the size or industry of your business, having a social media manager can provide a tremendous lift to your online presence, customer engagement, and overall brand image. Be it a local bakery or a multinational conglomerate - each has its own unique digital space and audience. And who better to help you navigate this space than a social media manager? They'll have your small business swimming with the sharks in no time!

A Social Media Manager for Every Business

Since we are on this, let's explore a couple of businesses that won't just benefit but desperately require a social media manager. First up, we have retail businesses. Just imagine your boutique store with its signature collection. Now, imagine it being presented to potentially thousands, if not millions, of consumers who spend their time on platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. It's like having a personal, digital window shopper, isn't it? Secondly, we have service-based industries, like salons or consulting firms. These businesses can leverage social media to showcase their expertise, their satisfied clientele stories, and their unique selling propositions. Neither George nor Fredrick will let me style their hair, but thanks to social media, a salon can demonstrate its hairstyling talents for the world to see.

The Testament to Their Majesty: Social Media Managers

I'm sure some of you have stories about how social media has transformed your business, as I do. Well, a few years back, I started my blog, convinced that it would be an instant hit. After a while, with barely any readers, I was on the brink of calling it quits. I tried everything, from offering treats to George and Fredrick for every share they could manage; obviously, they were as clueless as I was. Desperate and almost defeated, I decided to hire a social media manager. With a magic touch (and a lot of remarkable strategy), the manager contrived a surge of followers and interactions in just a few months. Today, I can say with confidence that without their expertise, you wouldn't be hearing this informative yet slightly pet-centric perspective on social media management.

< h2>Invaluable Assets, Indeed

From my experience and by observing other businesses, I realize that hiring a social media manager is not an expense but a crucial investment. Just like how George and Fredrick are essential parts of our household, these social media whizzes are indispensable in today's business landscape. They make your brand more relatable, reach and converse with your target audience, and drive your business growth in an impactful and measurable manner - digital metrics don’t lie! As businesses, it’s time we understood and celebrated the value they bring. So, hats off to social media managers. I'm sure George and Fredrick join me in offering a paw or a tiny turtle flipper salute!