Tin Pan – Night

Album:The Property Bartender’s Music Ebook 2011 Tin Pan: ———– Lyrics: Night, each and every night you occur and you find me Why have to you usually remind me, that my baby’s absent Night, you acquired me further in your electric power Just about every minute seems like an hour Since[…]

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Freddy Cole – This Time I’m Absent for Excellent

Singing the Blues | 2014 Lyrics: I shoulda stayed long gone When I remaining in advance of Cause you do me improper When we are together But I preserve coming again Oh, Lord, for extra [Refrain] When I leave this time Whoa, Lord, make absolutely sure It is really understand[…]

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Crimson Household Blues – Aphrodite

Album: Purple Shack Rock Don on Facebook: Don on Tumblr: Don on G+: resource

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