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How to Acquire a SALT Mortgage in thirty Times

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Stage 1: Develop LLC & Mailing Handle in Wyoming.

Stage two: Develop Business Account with Wyoming Handle
Countrywide Lender chain these as Wells Fargo, Chase Lender, US Lender, etcetera.
Be confident to obtain a Wyoming tackle on financial institution assertion and checks

Stage 3: Implement for SALT Lending Mortgage

Stage four: Provide Crypto Forex Collateral and HODL for 3 Decades – Use money acquired

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  1. You made a very big mistake: they offer 20%, 40% 60% from a minimum of $100k, so you must have 100k in order to be able to initiate a loan. SALT you can use only to repay after you already loaned, but you can't benefit from SALT arbitrage the way you pointed out in your Video by getting around $20k and transferring to the platform to loan with them at the retail price. You must loan first $100k worth of BTC or ETH and just after that you are allowed to use the arbitrage Salt price to repay the loan. Very sad because I don't have currently 100k……..

  2. thanks for the infooo

  3. Excellent information! You are the best available. Thank you.

  4. Are they going to release more loans?


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