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Company Financial loans – India (Hindi, 2018)

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Sorts of Company Financial loans in India spelled out in hindi. You can just take company personal loan for startup, modest business or big business.

Let us comprehend all forms of business financial loans – time period personal loan, venture finance, balloon personal loan, performing funds financial loans (hard cash credit history, overdraft facility, monthly bill acquire, monthly bill discounting), pradhan mantri mudra personal loan yojna, development devices personal loan, business motor vehicle personal loan, personal loan versus home, lease rental discounting, personal loan versus securities, gold personal loan, individual personal loan, unsecured personal loan, letter of credit history, bank promise etcetera.

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इस वीडियो में इंडिया में बिजनेस लोन के प्रकार हिंदी में समझाया गया है। आप स्टार्टअप, छोटी या बड़ी कंपनी के लिए बिजनेस लोन ले सकते हैं।

चलिए सभी प्रकार के कमर्शियल लोन के बारे में समझते हैं – टर्म लोन, प्रोजेक्ट फाइनेंस, बैलून लोन, वर्किंग कैपिटल लोन्स (कैश क्रेडिट, ओवरड्राफ्ट फैसिलिटी, बिल परचेस, बिल डिस्कॉउंटिंग), प्रधान मंत्री मुद्रा लोन योजना, कंस्ट्रक्शन इक्विपमेंट लोन, कमर्शियल व्हीकल लोन, लोन अगेंस्ट प्रॉपर्टी, लीज रेंटल डिस्कॉउंटिंग, लोन अगेंस्ट सिक्योरिटीज, गोल्ड लोन, पर्सनल लोन, अनसिक्योर्ड लोन, लेटर ऑफ़ क्रेडिट, बैंक गारंटी आदि।

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In this movie, we have spelled out:
How quite a few forms of company financial loans are readily available in India?
How to just take a personal loan for company?
How quite a few forms of business financial loans are readily available in India?
How quite a few forms of credit history facilities are there for company?
What is fund centered credit history facility?
How quite a few forms of fund centered credit history facilities are readily available for enterprises in India?
How time period financial loans can be employed for company specifications?
What are performing funds financial loans?
What is venture financing?
What is balloon personal loan?
How to just take a company personal loan for startup, modest business or a major business?
What funding options and financial loans are readily available for trading enterprises?
How to just take a collateral free of charge personal loan for company?
What is Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna personal loan?
How non-fund centered financial loans for company functions?
What are non-fund centered credit history facility options readily available for company?
How non-fund centered personal loan facilities are employed for international trade company?

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