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Bank loan Calculator in C++ – CS a hundred and one Homework

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Just after getting two introductory programming classes and locating that both had a “Bank loan Calculator” homework assignment, I imagined about generating a tutorial on how to do that. Guaranteed sufficient, Google tells me that this is quite a great deal CS a hundred and one canon, so this is a tutorial.

Bank loan Calculator Homework issue in C++ – made use of g++ as a compiler in Kali linux.

This is my initially programming tutorial that I am publishing, I am organizing on accomplishing a entire great deal extra, which include launching a web site sometime in late 2014 – we are going to see how thriving this is 🙂



  1. hey man can you do this one for me please im struggling with it.

    Financial Calculator: You will develop a program for a bank that will allow it to process loans for customers. The user will enter information, such as interest rate, length of loan, amount borrowed, or desired payment, and the program will compute the missing information. It will also be able to display a report showing the amortization schedule for the loan. Customer data should be able to be saved and retrieved from a file or files.

  2. I tried this, it worked for me well.
    A simple C++ loan calculator which can calculate interest and monthly installment
    Link: http://www.mobtutorial.com/2016/02/a-simple-c-c-plus-plus-loan-calculator.html

  3. hey I need help lol

  4. you saved my ass man


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