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5 Steps To Getting A Home Loan

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A big part of buying a house is actually the money to have the house.

Pre-qualification – the lender ask you a lot of questions; your address,your work history, and even the exact names of places where you’ve work. Don’t feel it strange that they ask you these questions. Based what you tell the lender, leads to…

Pre-approval – the lender has now seen your documents, paperwork, two years of your tax returns, 2 years of W2’s, 2 months of bank statements, and 2 months of pay slips. Everything Is accurate and up-to-date. When nothing’s missing or out of order, they can now issue you a pre-approval. They still have to verify your employment and a bunch of things that they do in the background.

Application- after you found a house and put your money down you’re going to put in more details. Specific house you are going after.

Mortgage Commitment – you passed all checks, until you get a mortgage commitment. You do not have a mortgage, yet!

Settlement – The wedding day! You sign the paperwork, you get the house, get the keys, and everything is fully accessible to you. That is settlement and that is when you actually own the home.


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