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Are USDA or FHA Loans Better?

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Are USDA or FHA loans better?

What is the difference between a USDA and FHA loan?

Now, because the two programs are often viewed as being similar, you can imagine why this can be a common question.

However, in today’s video tip we will line up the two side by side, and let you be the judge on who comes out ahead!

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So, are USDA or FHA loans better?

As a starting point, although FHA and USDA loans are both thought of as first-time homebuyer programs, they are also eligible for previous homeowners. Provided it is a primary residence, this can be a great option for a buyer looking to sell and move up to another property.
Remember though, both FHA and USDA loans only allow for primary residences, so no investment properties or second homes.

Let’s take a look at the following example in order to dig deeper and determine if USDA or FHA loans are better. For today’s example, we will base our figures off a $100,000 loan amount.

$100,000 Loan / 30 year term
FHA Loan
♣ 3.5% required down payment
♣ .85% Monthly MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium)
♣ Equals a $70.83 monthly MIP payment
♣ One time up-front financed mortgage insurance is currently 1.75%, or $1,750 in this example.
♣ NOT able to finance closing costs

♣ USDA loans allow for NO DOWN PAYMENT (100% Financing)
♣ .35% monthly premium
♣ Equals a $29.17 monthly payment
♣ One time financed Guarantee Fee is currently 1%, or $1,000 in this example.
♣ *You can finance closing costs with a USDA loan
*Remember, USDA Loans allow for the ability to finance closing costs when the appraised value is higher than the contract sales price, while FHA loans do not.

Understanding the differences between FHA and USDA loans is important, because since many banks and lenders do not specialize in the USDA program, we commonly see homebuyers only offered FHA or Conventional loans.

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