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Are 100% Financing Home Loans Still Available?

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– Ready to buy a new home and need to know if there are still 100% financing options available? There are, but you need to know what they are and what their limitations are. In a ever changing market, 100% home loans are getting a lot harder to find, but they are still out there and if you qualify they are still great options.

In this episode Don Carriker answers the most common questions around the topic of 100% financing. What 100% home loans are still available? What kind of home can I get with a 100% financing? Are rates a lot higher with a 100% home loan? What’s the catch? These types of questions are just a few that Don discusses in this video.

If after watching this video you have liked what you have seen and would like to begin the process of seeking a 100% home loan, we would encourage you if you live in the state of Missouri to visit our site and fill out our Quick Inquiry at to get started. If you live outside the state of Missouri, please contact a local reputable lender in your area to help you get started today.

100% financing is still available and a great option for those who qualify. Why rent when you can own your own home. Educate yourself and you will be ready to make the move when the time is right.


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