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Shaktimaan & Sahil Khattar on HomeLoan Prepayment!

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This amusing video clip demonstrates you just how much Indians basically know about their private finance! Really don’t fear it’s not Rocket Science. BankBazaar.com receives to the bottom of some important inquiries and provides you some pro hacks that no a person else will, with this amusing video clip on finance. With references like AIB, Getting Indian, Kanan Gill and Bollywood in mind, we teamed up for Sahil Khattar to train you the proper technique to prepaying your Household Bank loan. We hope this episode of Let’s Communicate About Cash with BankBazaar.com was instructive and entertaining, so that you can have a chortle and save some revenue while you are at it. Look at out additional pro recommendations on Household Bank loan Prepayment listed here:

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  1. The slap at start was hilarious

  2. Aaw aaw siwan Bihar

  3. how much does sahil gets paid for such one video?

  4. man!!! what's that tune??

  5. @Amartya Mukherji: thanks for your feedback, we're glad you enjoyed this video and found our expert hacks useful. To answer your question, all banks strictly follow the RBI's guidelines in designing their loan products. So the general rules regarding home loans of all banks are the same. Only things like interest rate, penal charges, processing fees etc, are as decided by different banks.

    All home loans belong to diminishing interest rate. Which means, as you pay each EMI, you will be charged interest on the outstanding balance only. So as you learnt in this video, during the initial years of a loan, a major portion of the EMI consists of interest only and then it comes down slowly. We hope this helped. Check out Mumbai On Finance for more EMI related hacks and tips:

    We'd love to hear your feedback.

  6. Dipankar biswas

  7. Oh..!! Thats a great information. I wonder how many common people like us know that. Bank always asks us to lower the EMI amount not the tenure. Thanks a lot #Bankbazaar.com
    But do home loan of all banks work in the same way? I mean for the first five years the interest component will be high,- no matter what the bank is?

  8. i am also singer and what i want all types of songs are available in the youtube

  9. 01:05 ! W t F was that ?


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