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How to Get Cost-free GRANTS for Truck Driving University

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In this video, I show you how to sign up for the Pell Grant, which will let you to get Cost-free CDL coaching at certain truck driving educational facilities. The Pell Grant will pay out for your tuition, textbooks, materials, and even your residing fees when you attend university. finest of all, you can find almost nothing to pay out back again!

one. Go to
2. Click on the “Start a New FAFSA” button
three. Click on the “Enter student’s information” button
four. Enter your first name, past name, Social Safety selection, and day of delivery
five. Click on the “NEXT” button
6. Click on the “Start 2017-2018 FAFSA” button
seven. Make a Help save Vital that is involving four and 8 figures lengthy
8. Enter your Help save Vital in the 2nd prompt to validate
9. Click on the “NEXT” button
ten. Click on the “NEXT” button yet again
eleven. Fill in all the containers with your personalized details
twelve. Click on the “NEXT” button
13. Opt for the appropriate reply in just about every drop-down menu
14. Click on the “NEXT” button
fifteen. Fill in the name of your large university as well as the town and state your large university is positioned in
16. Click on the “Confirm” button
17. When your large university pops up, click “Select”
eighteen. Click on the “NEXT” button
19. If you qualify for Scholar Federal Assist you may perhaps keep on
20. Pick the state the university you want to go to is positioned in
21. Type in the name of the town the university is positioned in
22. Type the name of the university
23. Click on “Search”
24. Check the box upcoming to the university you want to go to
25. Click on the “Add” button to increase that university to your application
26. Click on the “NEXT” button
27. If you’d like to increase one more university (you can increase up to ten educational facilities), click the “Add School” button
28. If not, decide on your housing system from the Housing Ideas drop-down menu
29. Click on the “NEXT” button
30. Remedy just about every question truthfully
31. Click on the “NEXT” button
32. Supply your tax details from the prior yr by selecting the appropriate reply from just about every drop-down menu
33. (If suitable, you can click the “Link to IRS” button)
34. If you are not suitable to backlink to the IRS DRT, click the “NEXT” button
35. Click on “No Thanks”
36. Fill out your Financial Data by answering just about every question truthfully
37. Click on the “NEXT” button
38. Continue filling out your Financial Data by answering just about every question truthfully
39. Click on the “NEXT” button
40. Remedy the “Are you a preparer?” question by clicking “Yes” or “No”
forty one. Browse the “READ Ahead of PROCEEDING” box which contains the terms of the FAFSA Arrangement
forty two. Click on the “Agree” button if you agree to the terms of the FAFSA Arrangement
43. Type in your “FSA ID” and “FSA ID Password” (If you really don’t have an FAS ID or FSA ID Password, click “Create an FSA ID” and stick to the directions in the box that pops up
44. Click on the “SIGN” button to sign your FAFSA application
forty five. Click on the “SUBMIT MY FAFSA NOW” button



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