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Smile with prachi is again!!

Just about every saturday, at 11 am.


Smile with Prachi is a counselling video clip collection, where by my viewers compose letters to me sharing their personalized issues. With out revealing their id, supplying them faux names, I try out to enable them out. This is not qualified assistance.

* Just sharing my opinions below as a good friends. Not a qualified. Not a counselor.

The viewer feedback composed in remark area, are also just some ‘good Samaritan thoughts’. Not to be taken as qualified recommendations.


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  1. U and gaurav look really cute together 😍😘😍😘

  2. Didi make a video on dark patches plz

  3. Sooo much subscriber than why less views

  4. i m new subscribers
    hi my skin is dull senstive 2tone and oily and skin color becomes so dull plxx suggest best whitening cream my wedding next month my age 20 hope u reply

  5. Hey tyre(second writer) talk to ur husband n b frank with him…frank as in ask him to he hid this fact from u..bcoz it was intentional…which isn't fair…taking care of sisters wedding is fine…but expecting u to b ok with paying such a high amt isn't…u can help him by paying the amt or no…it's totally ur choice…they can't force u…n c if they have any assists which they can probably sell..to help pay this loan….all the very best

  6. Dear dolphin…congrats on ur achievements…u shud b proud of urself..ur on the rgt track..u have been strong all these years…and now ur very close to getting ur financial independence…just stay on this track…all the best

  7. Love ur lipstick suits u

  8. n I have mailed you for smile with Prachi.. Hope you answer 🙂

  9. awh! that intro 🙂 n your mom in law is really sweet 🙂

  10. AAP mujhe bahut aagte ho bahut bahut aacha aur AAP bahut beautiful bhi ho aur aapki sari video bahut best Hoti hai

  11. lip shade?

  12. MashAllah

  13. The girl from the second letter! I feel like he marry you because you earn very well and wanted you to pay too! You don't have the need to pay for it, you did not take the loan, you are going to spend your better years saving all your money to pay for it. No traveling, going around and enjoy what you deserve. The problem is that they did not give a chance, they all decided for you and now are demanding. It is not fair and from where I come from is not acceptable

  14. sooo sweeeet😘😘😘😁😁😁

  15. hey prachi di
    I had sent an e mail to you but probably it didn't come to your notice
    i would make sure to resend the mail
    i hope it would be able to make it to you this time

  16. Prachi di ….u n jiju👌👌👌😍😍😍😍💝💗💗….n obvio ur mother in law😁💞💞💞

  17. Damn dolphin, you truly are an inspiration girl. Hats off to you. Just don't ever give up and don't let yourself believe any crap anyone else says. Have faith in your gut.😘😘

  18. And as for Dolphin.
    You are a brave girl, bold and beautiful. Don't worry. Take this as a challenge, do what your heart says and you will be alright.

  19. Didi…. the words that I'm writing in this comment are right from the bottom of my heart. Through the smile with prachi series, u are doing something for the society that only very few people would come forward to do. I think that is what makes you so special. Stay blessed always didi….

  20. the way gaurav kissed u…appreciate such love

  21. Prachi di u should go to Bigg Boss house 😅

  22. wow prachi u give such wise answers 😍

  23. Dear Dolphin.. it make me feel so proud that even after having such upbringing n struggles… u r too good at studies n sports… many congratulations fr this…
    U r really so strong tht u r able to carry urself despite these difficulties otherwise ppl usually break down…
    ppl look fr excuses to go on a easy wrong path..
    be a little more storng n carry out ur studies n have a superb n successful career… plz don't get married before completing ur studies n getting job or any othr destination tht u want…
    good luck fr ur future

  24. Dolphin, don't take your mom's approach to heart. She comes from a different mindset. The best thing for you is not to care much about such an approach, even if it comes from a family member. Work, study, get a job, move out. That's the best choice for you

  25. 😱😱😱Really!!!! …R u married????😱😱😱

  26. Hey Prachi di I love you much. You really changing the thinking and helps people being more positive. I just wait for Smile (😀) with Prachi

  27. Yup…dolphins…situation is so common……girls in india no matter what r pushed down n forced n made guilty 4 so many things….

  28. U r very lucky to have a mother in law like that.. 😍 especially that line "Tu Toh itni Achi h.. " convey good regards to ur mother in law

  29. I am loving this series 🤗

  30. Your family is so blessed to have each other in you lives.. Lyra is my favorite though! <3

  31. Your mother in law is soo sweeet 😀

  32. hi Prachi hi Prachi love you a lot I have a problem that I cannot say to anybody except you because it is a lock problem I love this guy but he teases me he fights with me he teases me he fights with me he cares about me he ignored me but he loves me I know this he likes me but he doesn't show it I also doesn't short but we like each other but everyday he behaves differently one day he behaves like superb Vande behaved very bad with me why I don't know what happens with him please help me should I propose him or should I ignore him or should I leave him and I forgot him please tell me I am so confused and I am crying now please anyone suggests some thing

  33. Dear Dolphin, you are such amazing girl, proud of you!! just don't let the situation override your mental strongness. it's difficult but you will pass through that with flying colors. find some good friends with whom you can enjoy your life too!

  34. You are married 😳

  35. Smile with prachi are the Most Amazing Videos That i totally Love.. This Girl Helps People & She Won't have an Idea How much she cares for each and every Person.. I Love You Prachi.. Thank You For Being so beautiful.. You have A Golden Heart. 😘

  36. Cute sasural

  37. hi mom

  38. Apki baate sunkr bhot positive vibes aati h di….tysm …god bless uh😘😘😘😘

  39. U guys are the example of happy life💯✔👑👑👑👑 luv luv

  40. Nice di ..

  41. Whether a guy shares or lie, a women have to abide by her husband. Because if she doesnt, then there will be series of ruthless mibehavior. Instead of loose self dignity women always accept this fact.

  42. Haha..You're hubby is so cute

  43. Di u r honestly the luckiest… It is the hardest to find such a family (both side)…really… Stay bless.😊 Ur 'Maa' (mthr-in-lw) is so so so sweet. Love u.😍

  44. Lot of you asking about my sweater yesterday: https://goo.gl/7sTv5S

  45. Thanks Didi for whatever ur doing for the Society… without any expectations… Hats off to u!!


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