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Loan Modification – Portion 2: Property Mortgage loan Bailout – Serious Estate Foreclosure Avoidance System

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  1. wow this is not more that a commercial

  2. @doctorsizzle And the same thing is going to happen again, this country runs on irresponsibility and financial bubbles. Look at the Bp mess, I am getting sick of all of the creeps calling for their heads and the others drooling at all of the money they are going to get from Bp. I know Bp has to carry a lot of blame, but, if all of these people want to go back to the society before oil production, be my guest, I would rather live in modernity.

  3. Ameritards cannot even take responsibility for their own financial mistakes, Big Brother will come in and save them. You buy a house that puts a big strain on your monthly budget, then, you go out and buy a bunch of junk with a credit card, then, you get a heloc so you can go out and buy more junk. Why has this society lost all discipline, because they can rely on Big Brother to bail them out.


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