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Payday Bank loan Organizations are Robbing You!

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Payday Bank loan Organizations are Robbing You
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  1. Payday loans are so silly. Don’t buy anything without having the money to pay for it. Like come on. Not that difficult.

  2. Thumbs downs are from pay day lenders

  3. two people who work at payday loans found this video

  4. The fact that payday lenders exist just shows you how stupid people are when it comes to there money.

  5. Pay day loans just offer a financial service. If you take their business that's your fault.

  6. Ace Cash and Checks Plus for the dislike

  7. I can't believe there are so many videos defending these scummy tactics. I get it people are desperate if they have to use payday lenders and check cashers. But Honestly it is not a true necessity it just appears that way because of desperation. If people had an emergency fund or business managed where they had reserves then they would not need these places. It is a sign of poor management than it is despereation for necessity

  8. This is why it is SO important to pay for everything in full when possible. I understand that sometimes times get tough, but it's important not to finance your lifestyle. Great advice as always Dave!

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