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PayPal Rolling Reserve and eBay Fall Shipping

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  1. Hey marc could you make a video about how international sellers or more specificly caribbean seller can recieve thier money from paypal without having a Us bank account. This will hrlp alot of people out..including me

  2. So I joined Honest Dropshippers group on Facebook, I see a lot of helpful people with various levels of experience along with complete newbies who don't know what the heck they are doing. One thing that is a deterrent to me is Paypal and Ebay itself. First I hear from you, Paypal releases funds after uploading tracking within 72 hours, then I join the group and hear from them it's 72 hrs AFTER delivery, then people who are successful are being inconvenienced the most by Paypal. If you suck at Dropshipping, I get it, if you make mistakes I get it, but to have a good account and then have Paypal do something random can ruin your momentum. I'm hearing that you should do some Stealth "protocols" regardless if you have a stealth account or not to avoid Ebay tracking your data and seeing you do too many sales. It's like, dude, I just want to watch the 1hr free course, hop in, list, make $30,000 in sales around $2000-$3000, I don't really want a VA, maintain that profit for 2 years, and I'm out, that's it, I have other ventures to use the profit on. I'm 200% willing to commit to it, but now joining the FB group, I'm hearing even more issues. Like how can someone afford to drop ship when they depend on the customer funds….and Paypal is delaying the funds. Headache

  3. Paypal are fucking bullies , are there any alternatives?? I am about sick of PayPal . I just got a rolling reserve last week and I have 100% feedback!

  4. i been looking forward for new jack and marc vids. This is good info please keep it up you guys are the best.

  5. What criteria do they consider to say your high risk?. Is amount receiving to high or too many cases or too many refund?whatttttttt


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