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USDA 502 Direct Household Mortgage Packaging Courses

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The collaboration involving the USDA and nonprofits has demonstrated to be a thriving union. The 502 Direct Packaging Plan permits nonprofits to alleviate the USDA by doing a part of the do the job before submission which permits for shorter processing instances for potential house customers.


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  1. I submitted an application to the USDA Rural direct field office here in NC in April, submitted all required documents. Was told I would be contacted regarding status. Fast forward, 4 weeks went by and heard nothing. I called them and was told they were still processing info. 2 more weeks went by mid- May and was told by someone else it was mailed to a person in Winston Salem. I called her and she said she has not seen a file on me and later called back that day and said it was under some other forms on her desk. LOL. She said she wasn't sure why I was told they were processing info. because she was the Tech that handles that and she just got my record. It took her 2 weeks, she finally ran my credit, etc. she communicated she is in the office only 2 days a week. Finally mailed it to loan officer at original office I initially spoke with. Loan officer was out of office about a week when I called. Loan officer says she just got paperwork a few days ago and working on someone else’s and would take about 3 to 4 weeks before she could give me an answer regarding loan approval and letter. A week later got a letter asking for bank statements (previous ones were old by now.) I emailed her the documents, verified she got them. I called back in 3 weeks, a worker said she out of office be back next week. I called the fourth week and she acted as though she did not remember me and asked had I even submitted an application I said yes! Finally she found in her computer my info. said she had not had a chance to look at it yet, check back next Thursday!!! I'll be calling tomorrow which is that time. It’s been almost four months tops since initial application and I don't have an approval yet. Can't look for a house without knowing what I qualify for. This is unbelievable! Any suggestions??? They have the subsidy that's why I been trying to hold on a few but I almost wanna try the Guaranteed loan.


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