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This video clip is my assessment of the newly-announced Square Money free income transfer provider. It’s brought to you by the exact enterprise that designed the Square credit score card reader. Everyone with a US debit card and an email address can now transfer income to close friends on the internet FOR Free!!!

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  1. how can I clear activity log?

  2. Good Job!

  3. OF does not mean FOR … OF means "from, or, belonging to"… Sheriff OF Nottingham… Love OF money… IS, is like an equal sign that works in only one direction… A is B, does not imply B is A…. The love of money is NOT evil, but it is the ROOT of ALL evil… So, when something bad happens, the root of it, is money… Hmm, what can I get (purchase?) with this… apple? .. wisdom? New insight? Nirvana?

  4. Cash is anonymous. Privacy equates to freedom. But government is invasive. Sodom is described as a place where the males desired to know each other. A line, from a play by Shakespeare :
    There is no world beyond these walls,
    only purgatory.
    Heaven is here where Juliet lives.
    Where every unworthy
    thing may look upon her
    but Romeo may not.

  5. That sounds scary, for many reasons. A number. A name. Digi-cash. And as identity theft becomes rampant, will not that number be tattooed unto a person's skin?

  6. I wonder if this works for us debt card with foreign residents with us debt card

  7. ??

  8. Can you use this like a cashregister.

  9. This has improved significantly in Cash 2.0, which allows the service to work via SMS message.  This is generally less spoofable than email, as only one phone at a time can be the intended sender, which should alleviate most of these types of issues – my only concern is what happens if you change your number…  Also it appears cash 2.0 can now complete transactions pretty much immediately with many cards – instead of batching, they do an immediate credit to the recipient's card.

  10. Hey its your uncle again. Even though I've subscribed to your channel, I get nothing. Fix that for me please.

  11. Square is coming out with some great innovations. This, however is a bad imitation of Bitcoin. Square has started to integrate bitcoin though.

    If you are a person that might use square cash, look into bitcoin too!

  12. I subscribed long ago, and never get your stuff. Whatupwidat?

    Uncle Ron

  13. I like Chase Quickpay. It's fast and if the person has chase it's an instant transfer.

  14. I won't use his, but then again, I won't use a debit card either. I specifically request that banks send me plain ATM cards with no visa capabilities.


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