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Working with PayPal Monthly bill me Later on/ PayPal Credit rating to Obtain Devices

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How to use PayPal Monthly bill Me Later on / PayPal Credit rating to Obtain Devices



  1. Every time I have to contact the seller for using the Paypal credit and telling him send me your invoice?

  2. I'm scared, I really want to purchase something off of EBAY for around 500 $ and DON'T want that much money to come out of my checking right now. I've never used paypal credit before and I've read stories where paypal presents you with a credit line amount but doesn't let you use it, and you don't find this after until AFTER you order the freaking item which in turn renders the transaction to use your NEXT paypal method available instead, (your checking account), WITHOUT FREAKING WARNING YOU OR ASKING. Is there any truth to that ?


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