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The Subprime Blues with improved sound

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This is a story about my household – we created a pair of blunders.
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An original overall performance by Billybob and Luanne Stewart with improved audio high-quality and a shortened introduction.
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The Subprime Blues ©2007

A pair yrs in the past I went to buy a home
I named up on an ad on the phone
The Real estate agent explained to me now is the right time to buy
She said “Owning a home is American as apple pie”

The location, I noticed, too fantastic to be genuine
On the west facet of town it even had a perspective
A little something must have explained to me that I was a fool
I didn’t know about the Subprime Blues

The broker said to make an offer on the place
She said “Do you have income”, I said “I do not”
She said “That don’t subject, I know who you must call
Countrywide’s number’s right in this article on in this article on the wall”

I rushed to their business office right on time
The property finance loan broker explained to me he was, on my facet
He said “I fix your issue buddy don’t you hold out”
I git you a bank loan with an adjustable amount

How can these payments be so very low
The equilibrium rises every month on what I owe
Required some furnishings, a new Tv
No issue borrow additional with Household Equity

I won’t be able to make my payments any more
They bought my damn bank loan into a CDO
You can find no a single to chat to on the other facet
This whole dang point is hurtin my delight

I gotta get absent, absent, absent, absent from in this article,
I’m going downtown to drown myself in beer

I wake up in the early morning all I feel is anxiety
The foreclosures date is having in close proximity to
I borrowed additional income than I could shell out
The Subprime Blues have occur my way

The bank loan, I took, it was cursed
The Authentic Estate bubble, now it has burst
I’m in, the faculty, of really hard knocks
I’m gonna conclusion up in a cardboard box



  1. @05clyde Your comment was made three years ago..i am wondering what y9ou think of Obama now…haha…Obama…haha

  2. Can't sing Cain't play and Sounds like Slurpy Therapy BillyBob. Anybody who can fake a crocadile tear as good as you will never see the inside of a cardboard box. Ya wanna dance? 🙂

  3. Hi! 30 years ago I Bought my second House in Perth for $30,000 now is $600,000 in that period wages has trebled but housing is 20 times more dear! What is pumping prices up? The mining boom that benefits only a few and the Gov! The mighty shareholders even many times they pay none or little taxes with with tax Havens in the Bahamas so they are Multinacional "FACELESS FINANCIAL ENTITIES" It is Utopia for the PLUTOCRACY inheritors of Monarchy and aristocracy!

  4. Is happening here in Australia as well! A nice USA export! The plutocracy here is in the MINING BOOM BIG MONEY for shareholders and the Gov. but for the young people worse and worse! And I heard the banks will be backed by the Gov.! More taxes for the poor! A third more SOCIALIST PARTY should start forming on every Country! Nothing to do with Communism but common sense! If not the neck of "MARY ANTOINETTE" WILL; GO DOWN THE GUILLOTINE SOME TIME SOON!

  5. Keep rocking, Billybob!

  6. brilliant… simply brilliant.
    -Michael D. from icsc

  7. rock on!


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