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How to Offer Merchant Cash Advances – Part II

Stop by for more cost-free income schooling methods. James Shepherd gives guidance on how to market service provider providers on this channel. Our schooling as very well as are applied by 1000’s of income industry experts in the credit rating card processing business. We also brand our schooling and engineering options for ISO’s, processors and other income groups in the payment processing business. James Shepherd is a imagined leader in the payments business and supplies consulting and income administration and engineering design implementation. If you market service provider providers, recruit credit rating card processing income individuals or run an business supplying these providers, visit us on the internet and link with James. In this online video, we talk about the pitch and marketing and advertising of a service provider cash progress. If you haven’t viewed “How to Offer Merchant Cash Advances – Part I,” go to and go to for “How to Offer Merchant Cash Advances – Part III.”

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  1. Hi you have a complete training session recorded specifically targeted for MCA call center operation? If Yes,let me know,it must not be a Youtube link.Thanks in advance


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