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Can an Worldwide University student get a Career Even though in the U.S.?

Are you interested in researching in the US, but not certain how to fork out for it? On December nine Dorothy Mora from the Training and Cultural Affairs Bureau at State Department and Evelyn Levinson, Worldwide Admissions Director at American University talked over with a live worldwide viewers how college students can finance their experiments in the United States. What type of prices ought to you hope? What are the different sorts of financial loans, scholarships, and fellowships available for worldwide college students? What are some imaginative strategies college students can fund their experiments and conserve funds? These topics and far more were covered. Enjoy this fantastic occasion and learn how to finance your experiments in the United States!


  1. I live in New Zealand I've been to usa a few times and I really loved it and I would like to get a job in the states and live there

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