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Legislation college students battle to come across do the job CBS News Video clip

Legislation college students battle to come across do the job

College students turning to legislation university to get a better paying work are discovering that getting a work as a law firm is not as effortless as it once was, nor is the pay as superior. This is creating a lot of graduates to battle to repay pupil loans. Carter Evens reviews.


  1. lol, criminal law pays 80k after 10 years, maybe 100k after 15 years…

  2. They probably cut their class size to cut costs, not to be more competitive. Not sure the original air date of this but many law schools are doing that now.

  3. I never understood how "outsourcing" courld affect lawyers…. are you telling me that some unliscenced dude in india should be entrusted to file motions and create counterarguments 10,000 miles away over the atlantic ocean, affecting the lives of people living in the U.S.?… Anyway… I decided not to go to law school when I got my acceptance letter from OU School of Law… I actually saw all of this coming and decided to pursue something I love… but good god…. I'm praying for all those jobless JD holders drowning in debt not finding any work.

  4. 1:11 "It just happened."

    Fuck Woo!

    This guy knows goddamn well that law schools embellished their employment figures for years, thereby misleading prospective students about their chances of finding a long-term legal position. This duplicitous (and, in my opinion, criminal) business practice has created a generation of bar-certified law school alumni who are saddled with enormous student loan debt and have no prospects for finding a job.


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