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How Scholar Loans Operate…Explained!

This online video goes out to Tyler Oakley, who questioned us to describe scholar financial loans! This is the essential details on monetary financial loans, Stafford financial loans, mortgage forgiveness, Perkins financial loans, mortgage credit card debt, and much more!

CORRECTION: This online video was cowritten by Mike and Alan Lastufka (Http://, not just Mike! Sorryyyy!

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  1. Don't get a student loan for a major like Liberal Arts or History. You can easily pay off student loans in the first year if you have a Bachelor's in a STEM major.

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  3. get your student loans forgiven call national student debt solutions 844-847-6737

  4. Don't take out student loans! There's NEVER a guarantee you'll get a good job, no matter what field you study in. Yes, some people are lucky and get high-paying jobs, but many do not. Stop with that "rugged individualism" crap. We're all connected. Lots of people are suffering and it's NOT their fault. Student loans are a scam. Everyone with student loan debt should come together. We need to support each other NOW. We need to come together and stop blaming ourselves and each other. The system is the problem, people. Wake up!!!

  5. he is wrong if you die with loan debt your children have to pay it if you don't have children your close relatives will be billed makes no damn sense if you feel like you need a student loan just say forget. Student loans fuck you up. Debt fucks you up. And employers don't care about your debt. Fuck it If I can't pay for school myself Not gonna worry bout. Why are people so fucking stupid to mess with loans? Dumbass do you know you end up paying more then you took? Put the loan companies out of business, keep yourself out of debt, and keep your money in your pocket.

  6. Fantastic video! Good job! Accurate and to the point!
    Also, about Public Service Loan Forgiveness, certain full time employees working for a not for profit company and/or agency or certain job descriptions for a faith based charity qualify as well, not just government employees. And the payments are not for 10 years but for 120 payments…not the same because the 120 qualified payments do not need to be consecutive.
    If the student researches this and acts upon it, they'll save time, effort and agony protesting in the streets because they can and will afford their payments.

  7. FAFSA STARTS OCTOBER 1ST NOW!!! Up vote please to let people know.

  8. i love you new york

  9. or just don't go to school and pay nothing

  10. I with there were a Canadian version of this

  11. yes

  12. The interest on the loans are the worst part. In fact, I just posted my own rant about student loans on my channel. Feel free to check it out if you want. Cheers!


  14. I am French and thx you for your video. It helps me to understand the student debt. 👏👏 good job.

  15. If I accepted my subsidized loan am I able to start repaying this loan during the school year or during the summer of that same year (rather than wait until I graduate to start paying this loan)?

  16. It's funny because Tyler Oakley went to MSU and ended up with a bunch of debt… And now I'm headed in the same direction. (laughs nervously to hide tears)

  17. Help me avoid student loans

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  20. This was fun and useful 🙂

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  22. Attention Former Students:

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  23. Please consider joining our group:
    We are a grass roots group fighting for the return of standard consumer protections laws for student loans. Check it out…..

  24. How do you apply for private loans though? Can you be denied?

  25. What happens if you take a partial loan and you know you can pay it back in a year or two even though you're still in school can you pay it off while still in school? Can you make pay it off entirely while in school still if you can?

  26. I think that January 1st beginning is being pushed back this year…for incoming high school seniors in the U.S, in August/September, FAFSA opens October 1st…


  28. Can one fill out the FAFSA even if they are an international student but living in US? Because I recently shifted to US and want to go to college here but was unsure about all the things that are accessible to students like us?

  29. Hey Mike, thanks for the upload. It was very informative. I have a question… Have you ever heard of anyone devoting the majority of their income after graduation to JUST paying loans? Not taking on a house or a car note? Do loans no allow you to do that? Do you have to pay monthly or can you just throw your paychecks at them until they vanish?

  30. Yeah…. no thanks.

  31. I teach a class on financial literacy. I am playing your videos in several sections of my class. You do an excellent job of laying this information out in a way people understand. Nice Job!

  32. Student loan is an investment. Don't get one if you plan on becoming a teacher, or some low income job like that because the payment will have a negative effect on your financial quality of life. but if you want to be an engineer the B.S. will cost you around 40-50 k and you will make around 70 to 80 K to start and six figures 5 years later after passing your PE exam and the 50 K repayment won't affect your life like it would if you were a teacher making between 38-45 k per year.I think it's outrageous how people major in music or art, philosophy or something of the sort and take a loan to pay for college. ridiculous and stupid.

  33. I knew from the very beginning of this video that you're a flamming homo.

  34. my solution: screw student loans, never get them period

  35. Answer is simple, don't go to college 👍🏻

  36. For returning students with previous debt: how much of a student loan can be used for living expenses?

  37. Are you kidding? You can ACCRUE INTEREST on student loans while you're still in school? No wonder Americans are in so much debt when they graduate. I had to stop watching this video just past the halfway mark because the whole system made me so angry.

  38. Uk please 🙂

  39. Want to go back to school, but I'm pretty poor and working a minimum wage job most likely going to take out student loans. My grades are completely messed up and my gpa is less than 1.0.. ugh. I wish there was a way to clean the slate. ;-;

  40. Anybody got approved for a private student loan with no credit history ? ? ? Please let me know which financial institution

  41. Here I'm worrying about how I'm going to pay for College/University at the age of 15. Is that a bad or good thing lol #LifeSucksBalls

  42. so glad i found this channel!

  43. What was Tyler Oakley's loan?


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