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Can You Seriously Buy Properties With Zero Down Payment And Undesirable Credit history? – Real Estate Investing

If you’ve got talked to Realtors, Attorney’s, most other Real Estate Investors and your Mother, they will probably explain to you that you are not able to acquire genuine estate with zero down payment and with no utilizing your credit.
But they have never ever listened to me. Listed here is my solution to them…

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Joe Crump’s website:

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Can you genuinely acquire houses with zero down and negative credit? The solution is unquestionably indeed. We have performed it 1000’s of situations in the final 20 a long time. Allow me explain to you how.

Joe: In the hierarchy of zero down constructions I instruct, I display you which composition to use and how in distinct predicaments. The composition names are “Topic-to”, “Multi-Home finance loan”, land contracts or contract for deed based on whether or not you’re in a trust deed point out or a home finance loan point out, lease choices and then assignable money deals. All of these are zero down constructions where you can command the home, you can Have the home or where you can really get the deed to the home with no qualifying for a home finance loan or producing any down payment by taking about the payments on a home finance loan or developing a new take note and home finance loan. It truly is pretty doable to do that.

Joe: What most persons believe is, ‘Nobody would do that.’ But which is not the scenario, evidently. We have performed it so many situations. And I’ve even established automated “Topic-To” deals. I’ve performed it with the lease option approach that we instruct. We do a ton of this with the lease option.

Joe: I contact it “The For Hire Method”. This is where we go soon after persons who have their properties for rent or for sale by operator and we display them how we can sell their home lease option and get them out from underneath a home, and then protect them and fix the trouble of possessing this vacant home or a home they are not able to sell.

Joe: And, they love us for it. It would make it pretty easy to sell this. If you get very good at the matters I instruct and master how to converse to these persons and make these features, then it really is not a trouble.

Joe: There are plenty and plenty of these prospects. If you seem at the for sale by operator segment on Craigslist, you may see the prospects that we’re performing with. We use an automated scraper I’ve talked about in the past, that pulls their names off of Craigslist and then sends e-mails out to them. It gets the persons that are the most interested to reply and say, ‘Yes, I would consider that. Explain to me more.’ Then, it sends them to a website which clarifies it to them, builds our reliability, teaches them about it and shows them why it would make feeling for them to do it our way.

Joe: Then, a ton of situations, they will go correct on the web to our lease option memo and fill out the variety on the web and hit ‘This is my electronic signature. I take this variety. Simply click on this.’ It sends it to us as a finalized lease option memo that we can then convert all-around and sell, acquire the assignment payment, set a purchaser in there and then we’re in and out of the offer and we’re performed.

Joe: That’s the most straightforward variety of it. That’s the variety of it that I instruct my mentor students the initial day they’re in the business enterprise or the initial day that they occur to my Two Working day Shopping for Event. When you occur to the obtaining celebration, I instruct you how to do it and we really make features correct there at the obtaining celebration.

Joe: You can master how to do this in just one day. The initial day that you’re in my mentor system and the initial day you acquire the “Press Button Method”, you hear to just one recording and make features the next day. If you’re at the obtaining celebration, you make features the pretty initial day you’re there.

Joe: So indeed, this is pretty doable. It truly is even a mundane query to me now. I’ve heard it so many situations that it really is difficult for me to get my head all-around the thought that persons never understand why this would perform.

Joe: By the way, seem at my scenario studies page. If you go to then you can seem at the scenario studies of my students who have performed this for them selves. There are forty or fifty distinct videos on there of persons who have performed this. So with any luck , that will help you understand. Thanks. Bye, bye.

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  2. Interest will be much higher in such cases.

  3. as long as you have job that bank can trust you then yes and they need letter from boss how many yearsyou working fuck credit cards when im going to buy im going to do it with no credit id rather make my payments through my debit card

  4. Of course you can! It's called "Paying an obscene amount of interest over a 30 year period."

  5. Your voice is smooth like butter. I love hearing you talk.

  6. Hi, Joe the place im renting right now is for sale for $500k, 4 renters for $525 a months, this is a commercial site, i just had a bankruptcy with o credit. Can i possibly buy a house with no money down.

  7. Can this work I need proof


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