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How Suze Orman Scammed the Earth

A comedy, tragedy, and IQ check, all in one. Considerably additional facts in the free on the net multimedia e book at:

A citizen journalism work of public assistance.

How a lot of con artists are permitted to blast through the media landscape, telling blatantly phony lies and acquiring some of the best journalists and media figures in the United States to knowingly or unknowingly con and steal from the public on their behalf?

In this exposé, you will see why Suze Orman’s title need to go down in background appropriate subsequent to Bernie Madoff’s, apart from that even though Madoff plundered the rich, Orman has slopped up and stolen a fortune right from the pockets of the very poor and center course for the previous fifteen-moreover yrs. Sponsored and shielded by businesses, financial institutions, and billionaires and propped up by ghostwriters and behind-the-scenes professionals, Suze Orman’s frauds, shams and shenanigans have brought on really serious damage to a lot of lives and to the economy of the United States of The usa.

Basically developed by a crew of one with a spending plan of $, this documentary film and adjunct multimedia presentation at http:/ are a breathtaking examine of the type of media and political webs of dishonesty and corruption that have fooled the public, rigged the method, and damaged our planet. You will see Suze Orman committing economical misdeeds, which include perfectly-documented fraud all through the media landscape that would have landed any individual else in jail.

If you didn’t know any of this was heading on, then prepare to view an eye-opening film.

The intention of this exposé and the adjunct documentation at (which include 2016 updates) is to teach the public, end Orman’s frauds, and to current an abundance of proof for journalists and government agencies entrusted with guarding the public good to get issues from below and provide forth justice and restitution to victims of Suze Orman’s frauds, shams, and shenanigans. (see illustrations of all those victims in this graphic:


Oprah Winfrey
Arianna Huffington
Anderson Cooper
Juju Chang
Barbara Walters
Whoopi Goldberg
George Stephanopoulos
John King
Piers Morgan
Ali Velshi
Tavis Smiley
Larry King
Nate Berkus
Richard Cordray, CFPB
Hilary Rosen
Marlo Thomas
FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair
NCLR President Janet Murguia
Have community
University of Phoenix
Dollars Navigator E-newsletter
“The Talk”
“The View”
Michael Moore
Moira Forbes
Steve Forbes
Jack Welch
Sherry Shepherd
Oprah Show Producer Sherri Salata
Wendy Williams
And Senator Elizabeth Warren

With thanks to all those who spoke fact:

Gerri Willis
John Ultzheimer
Chris Cuomo
Greg McBride
Eric Tyson
Clark Howard
Jason Zweig
David Halperin
And a lot of other economical journalists and bloggers


  1. I pay 0 dollars for my debit card. if i keep money in my bank account which is basically easy lol

  2. Knowing all of this why do they continue to show her on TV? I didn't trust her from day one. She basically gave everyone nothing. Most people keep their important papers somewhere safe, so why do we need to buy her stupid system?

  3. Bernie Maddoff?

  4. Thank you for exposing Orman. I never cared for her and assumed it was just because I never wanted to own a home (or rather carry a mortgage) but those who were taken were really trying to be good citizens and fiscally responsible. Shame on the media for their lack of due diligence and for becoming party to this… I would like to see Dr Oz exposed next.

  5. How is Suze Orman still scamming America? crazy. America is so corrupt and idiotic.

  6. She is basically satan, I hope she is dropped from a height. How can she sleep at night.?

  7. This only goes to prove, that people who do not have much credit in heaven, have to scam idiot people on earth….that's why PT Barnum said: there's a sucker born every minute and two to take him…..Suzy Orman being a number two.

  8. yikes! what a hideous abrasive women! no wonder i never listen to Orman

  9. What a bitch!

  10. there are a lot of people behind this. she cannot do it alone :))))))))))

  11. You are awesome for doing this video. I hope everyone sees the lie! Alie expert should watch this and identify all the lies!

  12. apparently she has conned her way to freedom when she should be jailed, fined, and held responsible for the loses. These Gov't people should think more of the people scammed then their embarrassment and take her to court. Others have gone to jail for far less, But that other person was hurting the pockets of the wall street traders who have money, that was the difference I guess. If she is guilty she s/b indicted, why has that not happened? Thank you for posting this I was part of the group that was taken, which is good for me, but I feel for those people who also couldn't afford what happened, but if true it's terrible that there was aloud to be swept under the rug. thank you for posting this video.

  13. It's all right Sharon, you didn't know any better. None of this is your fault. She was so mean on the Oprah show toward Nadia Suleman, and I wanted to punch her in the face. Nadia is mentally ill, you don't rag on someone who is mentally ill. I have a lot of respect for Oprah, but in that case, shame on Oprah. When someone is begging you for help, you don't yell at them, and tell them how stupid they are being. They already know. That's why they're asking for help. If the table were turned, I'm sure neither Oprah or Suze would like that.

  14. i don't trust her since she open her lips. She is pushy person. she looks like a guy that sale healthy pill and a book about government owe your money. Suzy turns into poverty client after people notice her scammed. it's call greedy America. I wish people believe with KARMA.

  15. This documentary is ridiculously brilliant.
    I don't recall being this interested in a video on YouTube,in a long time.
    I can't believe I've never heard of you.

  16. The debit card was something she should have never done. She should have known better she is really stupid.

  17. The real problem is not Suze, it's the corporations who she represents and the media. These corporations and the media are the real predators. If they don't use Suze, they will use someone else. Instead of focusing on Suze, how come we are not condemning those media outlets and corporations, who are the big scammers. Suze came and went; but these corporate and media predators are still here.

  18. How annoying is this woman?

  19. When someone says "dont listen to the naysayers", that should be a huge red flag. Let us perform a mental excercise. "The world is flat and only stupid people believe that it is spherical. Dont believe the naysayers". It's easy to see what is wrong with that statement because we already know the world is spherical but imagine that message drummed to your head since birth. How do you break free from it? Imagine if you immediately dismissed someone because they simply disagreed that the world is flat. Now imagine the opposite, if you happen across a person that believes in a spherical earth instead of turning him/her away talk to them and ask why they believe it. Ask for evidence. Give all theories equal weight and play with them on your head. Use the evidence to argue for and against those theories in your head and with other people. The only theory left that holds up against all evidence should be the truth or lead you to it. The next time someone says "Suze Orman or (insert name here) is a financial genius and anyone who believes otherwise is stupid. Dont believe the naysayers from the financial industry, they are just out to get her". Do yourself a favor and employ the best defense against confirmation bias and challenge that assertion. Talk to the naysayers, ask for evidence and follow it to the truth. Smashing and limiting opposing opinions is one of the cornerstones for building a cult of personality and is responsible in part for how dictatorships gain traction, cults amassing legions of blind followers and of course how scammers fool otherwise smart people.

  20. she looks true evil,her eyes brrr….

  21. So the lessons to take by watching this documentary: you should trust your choice of Elizabeth Warren as your Senator or President as you should trust Suze Orman with your money. Both of these women will benefit themselves the same way with you holding the bag.

  22. To any one who is thinking Elizabeth Warren is a defender of the working class as she used to fooled me, watch this recording at 1:06:30 and see for yourself which side she took between a con woman and a conned and disabled vet. But hack, Suze Orman donated to Elizabeth Warren, the vet did not.

  23. It is amazing that the bleeding heart sounding people always go after the poorest of the poor, except Bernie Madoff. Congress woman (check out John Oliver show on this) run Cash Lands where higher interests than the Mafia charged while she stood on the Congress floor to denounce the exploitation of the poor.

  24. This is a great ( and somewhat uncomfortable ) insight into the narcissistic nature of celebrities who will lie to generate income.

  25. Look who is next to her another scammer Micheal Moore !

  26. Tavis Smiley got played by her.

  27. THIS IS WHAT U LOOK now and than just LOOK at her. LOOK at this picture and this saying to us you all are FOOLS….FOOLS…and allTHAT I can do to u I will..HA HA HA….U bunch OF Idots..out there..come on I WILL TAKE UR MONEY NOWWWWWWWWWWWW COME ON I WILL TAKE UR MONEY NOWWWWWWWWWWW because I need it NOW……….because IAM SOOOOOOOOOO broke NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW……thats what u BODY like a LIAR….like u..and what u have done to ussssssssssss……what a UGLY PERSONN that u are now and u will always now there is no look back at us…so dont do business with you…………..or I will GET YOU…OH YES I WILL GET U………….watch out for her..or she saying I will get U..

  28. SUZIE WHAT ARE U doing to us..trying to rip us off…..dont listen what she say to USSSSSSSSSSSSSS…or if u do u will loose ur panits..and she is off of the she says……she is a liar all the way to do..LIAR LIAR LIAR LAIR…so leave her alone..BY BY By SUZIE ORMAN…she u later…NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.she is making her firtune off of usssssssssss

  29. I read her book back when I was in university. Load of junk! I am not surprised she is exposed as scam artist 😏

  30. Typical scam artist


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