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Carol asks Dave for advice on how to consolidate her money owed.

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  1. She goes to GA and Church and still gambles?!! She's not fully "recovered"! Thinks she can still do "a little gambling"! This is what keeps her in debt!

  2. My wife consolidated her student loans before she met me (on advice from her mother). Her interest rate matches the highest interest rate that my student loans have. The difference is that her total at that interest rate is double what mine is at that same rate (I have other student loans at lower rates). I think debt consolidation is a poor choice most of the time.

  3. 2500/mo and over 20K in debt! And has the nerve to talk about GOD??? What a joke.

  4. He's great!!!!!!

  5. hey Dave I have a question, is there anyway a student loan will take a payoff amount lower then the total balance to be clear? it's a low around around $2200 I pay only 30 bucks a month but it will take 88 months I want to save to just pay it off so I make a payment but I want to pay it all off I can pay it now in full but I don't want to give that much of my savings at once what should I do

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  8. Trailer trash

  9. Bless her heart!  Pay day lenders are nothing more than legalized gambling with your paycheck (in my opinion). 

    I remember going thru this issue over 10 yrs ago with a national bank. It took me what seemed like an eternity to get away from it for good. This was not easy for me at first, as it took a lot of self-control and determination to say "NO" to these loans and re-learn how to budget every single dime, nickel & penny I earned. Thankfully, I had the emotional support of my family and friends (without financially bailing me out).

    I pray this lady will recover and do well.

  10. Great advice.

  11. Like a BOSS …wait, he is a BOSS!

  12. I love you Dave Ramsey!!! You're the man! I listen to you at least once a day. I'm 20 years old, going to college, have never been in debt and I never plan on being in debt. Having paid for college myself up to know, and having my degree next semester, I still listen to your program. 
    The way you say things in the most simple way for anyone to understand is amazing. You comfort people, tell them the truth, really… tell them wtf is up. You guy people back on track and it seems they're truly thankful.
    Thanks Dave, keep kickin' ass. Debt ass that is.
    Look forward to calling in one day even just to say hi and thanks 🙂


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