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Set vs Floating Fascination Fee House Loan – Element I

Are you bewildered in between Set Fascination Fee House Loan and Floating Fascination Fee House Loan? Element I of this movie web site collection will explore why it is important to choose the correct residence mortgage product or service (Fascination Fee type). Your range will have prolonged expression financial implication. It will also emphasize the Pros and Cons of Set Fascination Fee House Loan.

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  1. Very Nicely explained

  2. Hi Nitin , Thanks for this informational video . That is really helpful.

    I am in process of applying the LICHFL for home loan for construction of house . Scheme is Griha prakash Loan amount 15 lacs with Rate of interest is pure floating of 9.50 and current LHPLR is 14.20 %( subject to periodic review ) with spread of 450 bps . tenure of loan in 240 months.

    Is this the good decision to go with pure floating rate ?
    What were the borrowers experiences with LICHFL ?
    Will the Rate of interest increase and decrease with with LHPLR rate ? what about the mark up and discount ?
    Has Prepayment have any penalty charges ?

    and how PRE EMIs and EMIs calculated if the only 50% of disbursement of amount.

    Thank you .

  3. Hi, thanks for such a informative video. Please have some video on tax benefit claims on housing loan and how to claim them. I would like to ask two specific questions.
    1) I am currently paying the installments for a flat to a housing board authority, the total tenure of payment is 3 years for that they are charging 12% interest rate is it exorbitant ?
    2) I will be having the possession of the property after 3 years, how can i claim the income tax benefits (on principal and interest paid).

  4. hi, a big thanks for this wealth of information on YouTube and your blog.
    I'm in the process of applying to PNBHFL for home loan. It's the only company offering me 90% loan on 65L value. I'm thinking of going for their fixed rate of 5years loan (9.5%) and floating thereafter. I believe there loan is really fixed and 9.5℅ is good deal. I just have to lookout for processing and HLPP (plan to return policy in lookout period, thanks to advise on your blog)
    also if things go south plan to switch loan to SBI later.
    -is it really fixed for 5 years?
    -will there be penalty (2%) while transfer of loan after 5years when floating rate begins? This is not clear.
    -is 9.5% fixed a good deal in current market scenario?
    -do you know anyone with experience with PNBHF? how good/bad are they? do they have online tracking facilities?
    -how easy it is to transfer loan esp. to SBI, I don't have knowledge in this?

    waiting eagerly for home loan part 2 video. I have 2-3 days before I start the process with PNBHFL (Bangalore)


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