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How Nonprofits are Combating the Payday Mortgage Field – “The Ordinance” [Comprehensive Film]

In Texas, nonprofits and metropolitan areas are having unprecedented motion to combat the payday bank loan market and protect the lousy. The Ordinance is a documentary that examines the payday bank loan and automobile title bank loan market though also following a little Texas town that is fighting for alter. In a time when political disillusionment is increasing this tale serves as an essential example of how the ideal, and worst, of our political technique can unite a neighborhood.

Sharing the film with your neighborhood is a potent way to inspire and educate your customers on how to have interaction with the concern of payday lending.

That includes:
Frmr. Senator Wendy Davis
Rep. Tom Craddick
Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza
Bishop Joe Vasquez
Stephen Reeves
Rev. Freddie Haynes
Pastor Ronny Marriott
Pastor Steve Wells
Rucker Preston
Kristen Bulgrien
Ann Baddour
Jennifer Carr Allmon
Jerry Allen

Developed by Deidox Movies, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry.

We are grateful to the following businesses for their suppport in producing this film and placing it on line:
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship –
Texas Catholic Meeting –
Affair Recovery –


  1. Citi Bank here in the Philippines does the same to teachers. They charge 60% interest (5% per month) which is considered a good rate when the top rate charged by the people called Bombay's (india people) is 20% monthly. However Citi Bank sets the automatic payment that is taken from the teachers pay each month is the same amount as the interest so after 20 years of payments the original principle is untouched. The poor filipino's do not understand interest so they are easily deceived. 90% of the customers of Citi Bank are teachers because they have a guaranteed payment since it is taken out by the government from the teachers pay. You would think teachers would be smart enough to understand interest, however they do not. When I met my wife in 2001 in Manila I found out her sister (a teacher) had a 25,000 php load she had taken out 4 years before. She had paid 50,000 php to the bank in the past 4 years. When we went to the bank to find out how much she owed she stilled owed the full 25,000 php originally borrowed. So I paid off the loan at that time (usd cost was $ 475). Citi Bank in the Philippines is a bad bank that cheats the poor just like the pay day loan people do in the US.

  2. Happy to help out with this project

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