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VA Loan Procedure

In the online video, I will make clear how straightforward it is to use your VA to buy a residence. Simple as one,two,3! Get a Loan Approval, Locate an wonderful Real estate agent, Locate that Pimp Household, Get home inspections, Present Docs to loan company, Get Appraisal. Use your VA Eligibility to buy a residence. I can you assist no make any difference where you are in the US. Connect with or Text me 910.391.4136


  1. Great video Edric! =)

    Semper Fi!
    Andrew Finney

  2. In order to use VA benefits, you must eligible time served or be actively serving for a period of time. Once eligible, you can use your VA to refinance your current home or purchase another home.

  3. what if you already own a home and want to join the military? would you be able to apply the VA benefit in some way ?


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