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five Ideas for Initial Time Homebuyers

Prepared to get a residence? View this initial. In partnership with Beazer Homes, I’ve got five recommendations for you if you are a initial time homebuyer.

Beazer Homes House loan Choices:

Property affordability calculator:

Check out your credit history report:

Check out your credit history score:

I partnered with Beazer Homes to create this video clip but the viewpoints expressed are my very own.

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  1. It's cool that you provide videos for people. Folks, pay off your mortgage as soon as possible! The interest rates will eat you alive and you wont put a dent on the principle until 20 years (30 yr mortgage) . Only if I could go back in time lol

  2. Great video…Very informative

  3. Very helpful tips, I want to make sure I take all the right steps towards buying a new home. This can help me avoid the feeling of feeling overwhelmed. Tfs 🙂

  4. This was a great video! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you!!

  6. Great video. I loved the part when you talked about the calculator. I never thought to use the calculator that way–put in the amount you would like to save as the debt. Very clever! Off to check out Beazer's homes.

  7. @Mike I was looking for a home a few years ago when prices were very low. I realized that I wasn't quite ready to buy and I'm glad I made that decision because I ended up leaving Atlanta anyway. The first tip is the most crucial one for sure when getting a mortgage.

  8. Thanks, my wife and I will be looking to buy in a couple years. In the meanwhile we are getting our credit and money in order.

  9. Good video, a home is vital for everyone. Why pay $1,000 on rent for 100 months when that could have bought half of a homes mortgage for that much if you controlled your spending, and made some sacrifices. When you rent you are making someone else rich and never owning anything.


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