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Least Credit history Score for VA Loan | VA Loan Necessities

Least credit rating score for VA bank loan | VA Loan Necessities

What is the Least credit rating score for VA bank loan? Eric talks about the relevance of credit rating and what variety of credit rating score for a VA bank loan is needed. Score you need to get capable for a VA bank loan.

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  1. I have a credit score of a 577 but that's bc of a repo when I was 18 I have an honorable discharge I make about 4000 a month my payment history is 100% have not missed 1 payment since the repo what are the chances I could get one

  2. Is there an age limit for a loan? I am 65 and would love to by my first home..I am a disabled Vietnam veteran with a fair fico score.

  3. Yeah right…. My score is in the 500s. No one is giving me a loan. No lender is THAT good

  4. 620

  5. thanks for your advice

  6. close last Friday

  7. I have a 580 credit score, I'm going to school full time graduate next semester. I ETS' d last year 9 service years with honorable discharge. The only income I have is a part-time job plus 2,000 in non-taxable BAH. My degree is in IT so I'm sure I'll find a job. Can you guys help me out?

  8. Does your credit score effect the amount VA LOAN ? Saying if your credit score was 640 can you be approved for 417000$ ?

  9. Can you all work with Vets in California?

  10. Can I close on my house if the form 26-8937 doesn’t come back in time for closing also how long does it take to get back it was just sent out today i'm closing DEC 2 2016

  11. Brother, thank you for bringing that hope back!

  12. Hi, I really need help. I've rented paying almost a $1000 for rent and I would rather rent a home. I am an US.Air Force Vet. I've already applied for the Va Home Loan guarantee and it was approved. I begin my search months ago but ended up paying this credit repair service so much money , it was putting me in debt. I recently had two dreams back to back that I was in a two bedroom home and I believe this. I was able to get a new 2016 car, 0 down and have made my payments faithfully. They even contacted me to let me know they would refinance my car at a lower rate per month. I work at the VA Hospital and have been employed here for years. I really think its time for me to move forward in a home. I've done so much to help others maintain their property. I just feel it's my turn. Thank you

  13. You need to have a credit score of at least 620 to even qualify at today's fico score, at one time you had to be at 520. If it's below these scores VA Loan will be denied. It happened to me.

  14. can you have a general discharge?

  15. my dad is 67 and his home is owned %50 by his first marriages kids.

  16. And your video is a fraud. Just got off the phone with one of your people and guess what he said. You need a 620 credit score. Guess I'm screwed and you are a liar.

  17. is there an age requirement?

  18. what is the link to the VA handbook please?

  19. Thank GOD for you guys!

  20. Thanks I'm going to check this site out. I want to start my process this month


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