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Present-day question is: What is the income progress credit score line?
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A lot of credit score playing cards appear with a income progress credit score line – what is this, and what can you do with it? Is it the identical as a credit score limit, and Is it often readily available? What do credit score card issuers and credit score reporting corporations believe about income advancements?

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  1. sir , you didn't mention the payment allocation, actually you don't decide which balance to pay when make a payment.

  2. Hi,I had a secured card with a 300$ limit and 120 in cash advance, they increased my limit to 2,800 and also my cash advance limit to 2,800 which I thought was odd as usually the cash advance limitis 20% of the credit limit (with this particular bank). Also, my bestfriend had an increase from the same amount to 2,500 but only has a cash advance limit of 500$. I never use my cash advance limit but she always does, would you know why they followed the policy for her card but not mine ?

  3. Some fantastic advice, had tried to get answers from my creditors, but they tend to talk in circles and not answer straight out the question asked, haha! Had noticed the creditors typically will come right out an discourage me from taking a cash advance, and now I realize why, thanks to the informative post above. 😉
    I appreciate this particular video regarding the subject matter as I was considering taking a cash advance, but now thanks to the valuable advice, reconsidered especially to save on that immediate interest, whew! Thanks so, so, much! ^_^

  4. Thank you.

  5. Thank you sir. you're the only one who answered my questions concisely and easily! 🙂

  6. So is I got a 500$ credit limit on my card and I want to go to CVS n pay for a American Express swerve card and add money to it would I be able to do that

  7. What is the cash advance credit line?


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